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Celebrating the best in UK country music

The UKCountryRadio.com Song Award

The UKCountryRadio.com Song Award is for a song by a UK country artist or writer, promoted through UKCountryRadio.com last year.

The winning song in 2019 was:

Country George

Danny McMahon
When I See You

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Terms and conditions:

1) Voting for all of the Awards is open to everyone until midnight on 31st May.
2) Based on the number of votes, five finalists will be identified in each category, with the exception of the UK Country Artist Of The Year category in which ten finalists will be indentified.
3) To determine the overall winner, the finalists will be voted on by a panel made up of UKCountryRadio.com's presenters and staff together with people who have held a gold, silver or bronze subscription to UKCountryRadio.com since before January 1st 2019.
Click here for details of how to subscribe to enable you to vote in future years' Awards
4) You may only vote once. Anyone attempting to vote more than once will have all votes discounted. Our decision will be final on this.