Sponsor of UK Country Album Of The Year

I discovered my love for music and performing at about age 6 when my dad bought me a record player and I began lip syncing to artists records like Susan Jacks from the Poppy Family, Patsy Cline, and other female singers. I so wanted to be a singer! Then I began to actually sing along! 

A few years later a family friend bought me a guitar because I loved to sing so I learned three chords (enough to play most songs) and away I went! I started writing silly little love songs at age 10 and then got my first gig at 13. I loved all genre’s but my voice suited Country the most . . . I think it was because I was a very emotional child and that came through in my writing and my voice. 

During my last year of school, I began performing full time and haven’t looked back since. I guess you could say I’ve never had a “real” job!

 I needed a catchy stage name and my birth last name was a very difficult Irish name and much too difficult for DJ’s to pronounce correctly. I wanted to keep my heritage so I looked into some of my ancestor’s Irish names and found “Donovan” which I loved as it was an easy name to pronounce. 

My partner in Pacific Records (Gordon Bridgewater) thought it would be a great idea to do a compilation of some of my past records starting at the beginning of my career until now . . . I thought it was a great idea and it is finally happening. The first of two new vinyl albums is due out this spring. The first album is FULL CIRCLE and features songs never before available. It will be in select retail outlets. 

I thank my partner Gord Bridgewater who has never ever given up on me despite all the tremendous obstacles he’s faced . . . there is no doubt I wouldn’t be where I am now without him. I want to send a big shout out o all my fans who are the true reason, I do what I do and of course, especially UKCountryRadio.com for their tremendous support and for the opportunity to sponsor the UK Country Album of the Year Award. It is a great honor to be back for the second year. Thank you all so very much!

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